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Monday, January 14, 2013

Piers and Jones and Guns, Oh My!

Whether you love or hate the brash Piers Morgan, or the Rush-y like radio host Alex Jones, this is just one whacked out advertisement for why gun control laws need to be more regimented.  I mean, c'mon... this is just beyond absurd.  It doesn't matter what side of the issue you're on, this is without a doubt reason enough to have stronger mental screenings before a permit is issued.

I'll be honest, I don't even know what kind of screenings are required to get a permit.  If anyone out there wants to enlighten me, please do.  I'm too lazy to Google at the moment, but I do like to be informed when necessary. 

Half the country is shouting "YOU CAN"T DISARM ME!  MY FOREFATHERS SAID SO!" as they sit back cleaning their many weapons that they'll soon use to go off hunting down animals with who have zero chance of fighting back.  Now, don't get me wrong - hunting for food is acceptable as far as I'm concerned.  It's the power trip of bagging the biggest trophy for their wall I have issues with. 

The other half is quietly and passive-aggressively waiting for the shouters to hang themselves in their own noose.  And this interview is the proof. 

This Alex Jones, whom I've never heard of until two days ago upon watching this interview, is clearly off his nut and Morgan couldn't have chosen a better pinata to dangle before the country.  I couldn't tear my eyes away from my phone as I watched what I thought would be another run of the mill overhyped interview clip.  My only response was evidenced by my Facebook posting.

And it's not like Piers is an innocent babe himself.  He's been known to go off his nut too, but here he played his cards brilliantly.  Maintaining his calm facade, he tried to engage in debate with someone who clearly couldn't form a rational thought to save his nationally televised hide.  Empire State suicides, Jaws and the fear of water, 9/11 conspiracy theories, incorrect statistics.  As Judge Judy would say, "Did you know where you were coming today?"  Only an idiot would show up as ill prepared as Jones. 

Ultimately, however, guns are here to stay and will be accessible to anyone who wants one bad enough.  Argue with me all you want to, but guns do not shoot themselves, knives do not stab on their own, cars can't kill without a driver no matter how hard Stephen King tries to convince us otherwise.  People are who do the killing. 

I have often considered obtaining a handgun as the violent crimes rise here in my town.  I'm to the point that I won't even stop for gas anymore after dark unless absolutely necessary, and I don't even live in the inner city, just a suburb 35 miles outside of San Francisco.  But my town has become a cesspool for armed robberies, personal and retail.  My husband and I have discussed it at length.  However, two things are my biggest consideration, and should be everyone's:  Can I control my temper - because really I have become so angry with society that it's a question begging to be answered.  And - most importantly - do I truly have the confidence to shoot and kill another human and be okay with it?  It's no video game, there's no unringing the bell.  And you must absolutely be prepared to kill or be killed.  In the end, my answer is that I am too temperamental and I am knowlegable enough to know I can use anything in my purse as a weapon, so that will have to do.  I also know key points on a body to hurt someone enough to give me a head start.  As for protection at home, a protective husband, an aluminum baseball bat, and a machete beneath the bed work just fine.  When all else fails I'll swing my cat in the air by the tail a few times and launch her at the criminal's face, then run like hell.

We, as the public, absolutely do not need assault-caliber weaponry at our disposal.  If, hundreds of years ago, we could survive with a bow and arrow or a club and a rock, we can still do so today.  An arrow isn't designed for killing sprees.  What we do need are stricter screenings, more empathy, and education on the difference between self-defense and mass destruction. 

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